Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pheonix Wright: Ace Attention Dodger

The Pheonix Wright is a series in which you're an extremely lucky attorney that takes on a multitude of homicide cases. Your partner, Maya, is a pcychic, and she can channel the dead. Oh, and Butz always follows you around.

I'm sure at this point you're like waitwtfisgoingonhere. Just play the series. Flash Cart, R4, Amazon, just do something to get it. But I highly doubt you'll be able to find it at a GameStop at any given time. If you do, kudos, you're a lucky fuck.

You know, this is one of the many cases in good games that aren't advertised right depresses me.
I wasn't a Gyakuten Saiban GBA freak, I didn't get the DS games right when they came out, I was extremely late to the series. But you know what? I played them. And they were damn fun.

Another one would be Professor Layton. Both of these games require to use your brain and are very deep with the story, with happy, fun whimsical moments and then horribly dark, almost tear jerking moments. (I cried at the end of the third Layton game. So deep...)

AND SO Level 5, the developer of the Layton series and CAPCOM, Wright's developer, decided to make a crossover game.
What's the catch for such an amazing opporitunity, you ask?
You have to fucking learn Japanese to play it.
Everyone is pretty sure this game won't be localized, but I'm really crossing my fingers. Two very abstract series like this were meant for each other.

Oh, and the series' soundtracks are some of the best shit I've ever heard. Look it the fuck up. Or play them. Or both.

Please, spread the love for Layton and Wright, get more people playing these godsends.

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  1. Seems like a game I would like to play for the fact that you cried. Are you serious? You have to learn Japenese to play Level 5? Doesn't matter, if I ever get my hands on this game I'll remember this review.

  2. I love Phoenix Wright! It really is an analysis of the Japanese legal system, considered to be unfair to defendants.

  3. "You have to fucking learn Japanese to play it."

    lol, this looks not so easy.

  4. I like Phoenix Wright, played the first and second, but play it with emulators sucks.
    I want to scream OBJECTION! :(

  5. I don`t know the game, but i think it is good!

  6. I've played the first game of both series. Good games.

  7. Love them, and there soon to be crossover game. Need to play more phoenix wright!

  8. Some of the best soundtracks ever, and is a hilarious game series as well! I have one of the games and I love it!

  9. Ohgod. I'm a total idiot when it comes to any game besides Mario... >.<

  10. I saw it once but didn't think much of it. Wish I picked it up instead.
    Follow me breh!

  11. I love me some Phoenix Wright, but I draw the line at learning a new language when it comes to barriers that I have to cross to play a game, lol.

  12. Haven't even heard of them, it sounds like they are worth picking up.

  13. Phoenix Wright is neat!
    Very interesting blog!
    Check mine out!

  14. I hate how so many games just plain dont get localized, like the last story, some clocktower, fatal frame, etc. Why the crap not!?

  15. I'm more interested in the Takashi Miike adaptation of this.