Friday, June 24, 2011

TF2... free? Meet the Medic? WHAT'S GOING ON HERE

Last night, Valve finally released a new video in the Meet the Team series, the second to last in the effort to cover all of the classes. I'll be honest, I was very eager to see a new one, and they really did a good job on this one.

Over the past week, TF2 was free for people to try out.It worked very well, a multitude of new gamers were seen playing it recently. In fact, it worked so well that Valve decided to make TF2 completely free!

With a catch, of course. Always with these guys.

If you're new to TF2 and decide you want to go get it, your in-game backpack will only be 50 items large. This is bad, believe me. Cause those of us who bought it get 300, and some people are still buying backpack enlargers. Also, we get a new hat which is called "Proof of Purchase". I'm sure you can guess.

Now I'm not saying all of this is bad, it's actually pretty awesome. New free players can buy a key from the store and sell it to someone, but then get their account access. They only cost 2.50, compared to the 20 that it used to cost. Good job, logic and good thinking.

Oh, and there'll be more cheating. Free accounts means you can make multiple. Hack, banned, new account, washrinserepeat.

Anyway, thanks again for reading. And please, if you're a respectful, fun loving gamer who hasn't played this game yet, get on Steam and play this damn game. It's free, you have no excuse.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pheonix Wright: Ace Attention Dodger

The Pheonix Wright is a series in which you're an extremely lucky attorney that takes on a multitude of homicide cases. Your partner, Maya, is a pcychic, and she can channel the dead. Oh, and Butz always follows you around.

I'm sure at this point you're like waitwtfisgoingonhere. Just play the series. Flash Cart, R4, Amazon, just do something to get it. But I highly doubt you'll be able to find it at a GameStop at any given time. If you do, kudos, you're a lucky fuck.

You know, this is one of the many cases in good games that aren't advertised right depresses me.
I wasn't a Gyakuten Saiban GBA freak, I didn't get the DS games right when they came out, I was extremely late to the series. But you know what? I played them. And they were damn fun.

Another one would be Professor Layton. Both of these games require to use your brain and are very deep with the story, with happy, fun whimsical moments and then horribly dark, almost tear jerking moments. (I cried at the end of the third Layton game. So deep...)

AND SO Level 5, the developer of the Layton series and CAPCOM, Wright's developer, decided to make a crossover game.
What's the catch for such an amazing opporitunity, you ask?
You have to fucking learn Japanese to play it.
Everyone is pretty sure this game won't be localized, but I'm really crossing my fingers. Two very abstract series like this were meant for each other.

Oh, and the series' soundtracks are some of the best shit I've ever heard. Look it the fuck up. Or play them. Or both.

Please, spread the love for Layton and Wright, get more people playing these godsends.

Thanks for reading, comment and follow!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

E3 Continued

Paper Mario 3DS

This one looks disappointing. I had always loved the Paper Mario games, and this one looks really... flat XD
Sorry for my puns. Anyway, I don't like the trailer for it. We can only hope for the best.

Kid Icarus: Uprising 3DS

Well... hmm... Not much to say about this one, seeing as I never completed the original. It has some promise, though. I'm sure I'll play it.

Rolling Western 3DS

Why does this interest me? It kind of looks like MM, where you're rolling around as Goron Link XDD
Looks fun, to say the least. I'll bite.

Super Mario 3DS

This one looks really interesting. They combine aspects of side scrolling and platforming. Couple that with some 3D, old Mario powers, and you've got yourself a seller! I'm definitely psyched for this one.

Kirby Wii

Sweet, it's like NSMBWii, Kirby style -_-
Well, I guess it might be cool to be Dedede and Meta Knight while adventuring with our favorite little pink ball of fun. I expect greatness from this one.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Wii

I was waiting for something new in the Zelda series.
Is it bad that this game reminds me of that one dungeon in the sky in Twilight Princess?
But I don't care much, looks like it's going to be fun. I got Twilight Princess for GC, so I'm not versed in the ways of motion Zelda yet. This will definitely be interesting.

Fortune Street Wii

Is this a joke? If so, it's not a very good one. I'm not at all interested, and I hope no one else is, either. If Nintendo's going to do a cross-company game, they could at least put a story to it. This is really embarassing, to be honest.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS

I'm sure everyone is quadruple psyched about this game, as am I, however it sets some expectations for me. They better take a Pokemon route and rehash Majora's Mask as well. If not... I don't even know. While OoT was very enjoyable, and I did spend many hours 100%'ing it (like every other Zelda game, it's just so fun), it just doesn't compare to the deepness and greatness of it's Termina counterpart.
Basically, OoT was pretty basic. Everything was layed out on the table for you to clearly see.
MM? The fan theories never end. And they entertain the crap out of me. I especially love all of Hylian Dan's.

Well, thanks again for reading a blog post. Constructive criticism on how I write my blogs is welcome.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Blog :o

I had always heard blogs were fun and kind of journal-like. My partner recently started a diary, so this is kind of a psuedo-ish form. Maybe. Idunno. LET THE FUN BEGIN.

Alrighty then, this new E3 stuff... as I'm a loyal Nintendo fan, that's been my focus. Some things I'm happy to see:

Rhythm Heaven Wii

Oh man, when I first played this game on the DS, it was amazing. I spent nights getting lost in the rhythm, the tapping, the sliding... I'm really eager to see how they're going to do this on the Wii :D
And seriously, just the trailer tells me I'm going to spend hours upon hours on either laughing at this game or replaying the songs to 100% the game. But really, if a trailer of a game can make you chuckle silently and powerfully, then it's on.

Animal Crossing 3DS

This one's kind of self explanatory if you know me, but I'll explain.
First of all you have to have played an AC game to understand the epicness of this game's trailer. The moment that kid jumped into the water... XDDD My mouth was literally drooping. It was pretty mind blowing. Didn't think they'd ever do it. And they're grown up! I'm not sure if this is too good, seeing as the cutesy chibi aspect is gone, which was one of the trademarks, but it's interesting to see, don't lie. I also like the fact that you don't start in a house, but a tent. Good touch.

Luigi's Mansion 3DS

...yes..... YESSSS
I've been waiting for a sequel for so long... oh man. First ever game I played on the GC was Luigi's Mansion.
Dem ghosties is gonna get a suckin V:
Please ignore the above sentence and continue reading.
Well, not much was released about this game, but I'm still psyched. A mummy ghost? That's thinking outside of the sarcophagus.
It brought a smile to my face to see E. Gadd and his cute little face again c: And from what I saw, Luigi gets teleported into the mansion. Cool. *whistles theme*

Professor Layton and the Last Specter NDS

Hmm... this looks interesting. I'd heard a friend freaking out about this girl, since he played the JAP version. Remmy or something.
That looming monster looks almost too fantasy for Layton. But as with past games, this should be easily explained by some intricate plot. Don't know about that one fellow with the mask, though. Looks odd.
I'm happy to see Luke here, and I'm hoping that this game will explain how him and the professor came to be partners.

Alright, that's enough typing for today. Fingers are getting tired, believe it or not ._.
I'll continue my E3 evaluation some other time.
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