Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Blog :o

I had always heard blogs were fun and kind of journal-like. My partner recently started a diary, so this is kind of a psuedo-ish form. Maybe. Idunno. LET THE FUN BEGIN.

Alrighty then, this new E3 stuff... as I'm a loyal Nintendo fan, that's been my focus. Some things I'm happy to see:

Rhythm Heaven Wii

Oh man, when I first played this game on the DS, it was amazing. I spent nights getting lost in the rhythm, the tapping, the sliding... I'm really eager to see how they're going to do this on the Wii :D
And seriously, just the trailer tells me I'm going to spend hours upon hours on either laughing at this game or replaying the songs to 100% the game. But really, if a trailer of a game can make you chuckle silently and powerfully, then it's on.

Animal Crossing 3DS

This one's kind of self explanatory if you know me, but I'll explain.
First of all you have to have played an AC game to understand the epicness of this game's trailer. The moment that kid jumped into the water... XDDD My mouth was literally drooping. It was pretty mind blowing. Didn't think they'd ever do it. And they're grown up! I'm not sure if this is too good, seeing as the cutesy chibi aspect is gone, which was one of the trademarks, but it's interesting to see, don't lie. I also like the fact that you don't start in a house, but a tent. Good touch.

Luigi's Mansion 3DS

...yes..... YESSSS
I've been waiting for a sequel for so long... oh man. First ever game I played on the GC was Luigi's Mansion.
Dem ghosties is gonna get a suckin V:
Please ignore the above sentence and continue reading.
Well, not much was released about this game, but I'm still psyched. A mummy ghost? That's thinking outside of the sarcophagus.
It brought a smile to my face to see E. Gadd and his cute little face again c: And from what I saw, Luigi gets teleported into the mansion. Cool. *whistles theme*

Professor Layton and the Last Specter NDS

Hmm... this looks interesting. I'd heard a friend freaking out about this girl, since he played the JAP version. Remmy or something.
That looming monster looks almost too fantasy for Layton. But as with past games, this should be easily explained by some intricate plot. Don't know about that one fellow with the mask, though. Looks odd.
I'm happy to see Luke here, and I'm hoping that this game will explain how him and the professor came to be partners.

Alright, that's enough typing for today. Fingers are getting tired, believe it or not ._.
I'll continue my E3 evaluation some other time.
Thanks for reading! Follow me to see my next posts.


  1. Looking forward for the rest of the E3 evaluation.

  2. I've played every single AC game, and I have never been able to get into them. I am excited for Luigi's Mansion though!

  3. i didnt check E3 out so thanks for keeping us informed :3

  4. Pokemon and Zelda only games I ever played on my DS.

  5. Loved Rhythm heaven, but i'm not sure about it being on the wii. It was a beautiful game on the DS with the stlus, and i just don't know if it'll be as good

  6. I loved the rhythm tengoku game on the game boy advance! This port of rhythm heaven sounds promising!

  7. I was a big Luigi's mansion fan, too. One of the most fun games for GameCube.

  8. I've had something of a falling out with Nintendo recently. I couldn't even tell you why, they just sorta lost me. Though with the last press conference, they certainly are getting my attention again for various reasons. One of em being the name of the new console. I even made a video about it =D


  9. Gosh, I can't imagine Rhythm Heaven Wii to be honest. Actually, I say that but I can imagine it, I just don't want to admit it. I feel like a lot of fun can be had from that game on the Wii.

    "cutesy chibi aspect is gone" I'd be interested to see this, it just won't feel like Animal Crossing I think, but we'll see.

  10. I like AC pretty much,dunno why =P.

  11. Looking forward to your next post. +follow

  12. I can't even explain how disappointed I was with E3, and Luigi's Mansion 2, the first one was probably my favourite game ever, I can't even see how there's room for a second one, the video of it looked kind of crappy aswell.

    The only reason it's on the 3DS is because they're trying to sell more copies of it, everyone has a Wii and I really don't think that a game like Luigi's Mansion should be on a hand held device.

  13. Nice post, I didn't read nothing about this E3 yet, even when I love games.
    So, keep posting.

  14. Aww, rooble...
    Be more open. If you tell yourself it'll suck, then it will.
    You should just accept it. Try to think of it as reliving a game, but not remembering how anything went in it.